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News of the Past user guide.

pic CardWare user guide.

Design user guide.

If you are in need of technical assistance with News of the Past, CardWare or The Date You Were Born software, please e-mail your question or issue to Support@ClientBirthday.com. What to include in your support request e-mail: error messages, the name of the program you are using, date of purchase. Telephone support is available Monday - Thursday at 415-647-1070. Telephone support hours are 11 AM to 3:30 PM Pacific time. Please do not leave software support related telephone messages requesting a call back because Spectrum Unlimited does not return technical support related telephone calls.

This page offers help with technical issues. It is assumed that you successfully install News of the Past or CardWare. If your program does not install for any reason you can , To install a downloaded program you will need a password. Contact Spectrum Unlimited for a password. Once Spectrum Unlimited can verify your order history, and if you purchased your program in the past 90 days, a password will be forwarded to you.

Additional Resources

If you are unable to locate the solution you need, please e-mail our support team at: Support@clientbirthday.com

Trouble Shooting

Software Features

Software Features

Making a birthday greeting
To create a greeting, you will need to enter a name and birth date in the Recipient Window. Next, look at the name of the print template currently selected. You will see the template name in a yellow field below a heading Select-A-Card-Content. To change print templates, click on the Certificate Templates button located in the next to the Select-A-Card-Content area on the main screen. If you are printing onto greeting forms that have lines and heading pre-printed on the paper, you use the print template titled News. All other print templates print the category headings.

Date format: 06/15/1958 - is - June 15th 1958.

Anniversary and On This Day greetings are made using the same instructions outlined above under Making a birthday greeting.

Birthday Milestone
You can send the same person a birthday greeting year after year and not repeat the same information using the
Birthday Milestone feature in News of the Past and CardWare. The Birthday Milestone feature allows you to change the focus away from the day someone was born and focuses the greeting on when they turned 5 or 10 or 16 or 18 or 20 years old. Simply click the Birthday Milestone button and select a milestone option. The program automatically adjusts the content to the selected milestone, and titles the greeting -- Turning back the clock to your (milestone choice) birthday.

content editor option
The content editor window displays the information that will print. You can also preview printed information by clicking the Print Preview button.

Message option
Add a message by clicking the Message button. The message will repeat on all greeting until deleted or changed. The maximum message length is 3 lines. The message alignment and font can be changed using the Design option.

Design option
To make design changes like alignment adjustments, adding color, importing graphics, and adding text, click the Design button.

Birthstone and Birth sign option
If you don't want to use the birthstone and zodiac sign (for anniversary greeting or other occasion), press the Stone button and the birthstone and zodiac sign will not be printed. This feature is found along the bottom of the main window.

Help System
In addition to the help system built into CardWare and News of the Past software (help button), please view the following user information.

Please select category:

Users Guide - Desktop Publisher

Users Guide - CardWare and News of the Past

Missing Information - printed software content

Import and export feature

Backing Up and Restoring

Network considerations

How can I import names and designs from another version of CardWare or News...

Printing issues - problems/solutions

Solutions to technical issues. Please click the link located next to the information that best describes the issue you are having with News of the Past or CardWare software.

Please select category:

Software content - missing information

Error messages - problems/solutions

Printing issues - problems/solutions

Backing up and restoring your client information


Printing issues

Printing over pre-printed headings 
News of the Past  01..htm
CardWare 01..htm

Headings do not print 
News of the Past 02.html
CardWare 02.html

Printer is not ready message 
News of the Past  13.html
CardWare 14.html

Will not print
News of the Past  13.html
CardWare 14.html

Starts then stops printing
News of the Past  15.html
CardWare  16.html

Printing caused an illegal operation message 
News of the Past  39.html
CardWare  37.html

Print alignment 
News of the Past 19.html
CardWare 12.html

Restoring default print templates 
News of the Past  34.html
CardWare  35.html

Cost of living information is not printing
News of the Past 31.html
CardWare 31.html

Nothing prints  or
partial page printing
News of the Past 46.html
CardWare 46.html

What are the numbers that print without a heading in the cost of living section?
News of the Past   49.htm


Software content - databases

Cost of Living information is missing
News of the Past 31.html
CardWare 31.html

Same information after updating
News of the Pas  07.html
CardWare  08.html

Updating your software Self -updating 
News of the Past 31.html
CardWare 31.html

Name list is empty
News of the Past  32.html
CardWare 33.html

What are the numbers that print without a heading in the cost of living section?
News of the Past   49.html

2003 update is installed and some information is now missing
News of the Past     50.html
CardWare    51.html



Error messages

Detail band error
News of the Past 21.html
CardWare 23.html

General protection fault caused by foxpro
News of the Past  09.html
CardWare 10.html

Illegal operation
News of the Past  36..html
CardWare 38..htm

Index tag can not be found
News of the Past 36.htm
CardWare 38.htm

Index does not match table
News of the Past 36.htm

CardWare 38.html

Program has performed an Illegal Operation
News of the Past  36.html CardWare 38.htm

Record is out of range
News of the Past   36.htm CardWare  38.html

Table is not ordered
News of the Past   36.html CardWare  38.html

VFP500.dll is corrupted or damaged
System Update  11.html

Foxprow - An error has occured in your software
News of the Past 47.doc CardWare 48.doc

System Freezes
News of the Past 47.doc CardWare 48.doc






Upgrading from one version to another

Upgrade - 16 bit News - to - 32 bit Card

Upgrade - 16 bit News - to - 32 bit News

Upgrade -16 bit Card - to - 32 bit Card

Upgrade -16 bit Card - to - 32 bit News

Importing names from outside software
News of the Past 03.html
CardWare  04.html

Network?will it work on a network?
News of the Paste 29.htm
CardWare 30.html


Backing up and restoring names and dates
News of the Past 45.html
CardWare 44.html

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