News of the Past


Our company Spectrum Unlimited LLC started the What Happened on the Day You Were Born greeting concept in 1987. Since that time millions of people have received our unique shapshot in time greetings. You or someone you know may have received our greetings from the thousands of software users around the world. As a bonus our technology makes it possible to send completely different greetings to the same person each year.

How does it work. For celebrating birthdays, our best selling program News of the Past prints or emails greetings that highlight what happened on the date you born, or when using Birthday Milestones, send a completely different greeting by shifting the focus away from the day of birth and replace it with what happened when you turned 18, 21 or other milestone celebration. Anniversary greetings are a snap, simply enter the date a couple joined hands in matrimony to produce a unique anniversary gift.

A few examples

Combining nostalgia with history, News of the Past greetings are treasured for years. Everybody enjoys looking back in time, especially when celebrating birthdays or the moment when they joined hands in matrimony. Now is the time to seize the day. Start printing and gifting our uniquely targeted greetings for clients, family and friends.

With our software you can print greetings that capture a snapshot of the world at a moment in time, with the headlines in news, sports, entertainment, and cost of living for any day from starting in 1880.

Simply download the program, and in moments you'll be printing fact-packed, attention-grabbing greetings.