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News of the Past Professional


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Number of print templates
Email greetings function



Cost of living graph (For windows prior to version 10)


Anniversary milestones


Print greeting to PDF


Year of birth not required


Mailing label printing

Desktop publisher - make custom print templates

Birthday reminder

Prints onto greeting cards



Database editor for editing content




You can modify default print templates




You can save names and dates



Birthday milestones



Imports & exports client data



Batch printing



Dates other than birthdays



Print greetings on any 8 1/5-by-11-inch paper



Personal message can be included on greetings



Privatize Clients Date of Birth



Content date range

1880 to 2023

1880 to 2023

1880 to 2023

Data Categories


News of the Past Professional


Events of the day



Card salutations database



Card poem database



Chinese Zodiac details



Day of the week you were born


Western Zodiac details


Scientific breakthroughs


Entertainment news


Cost of Living comparison



Events of the month



Sports highlights



Dow Jones



Popular music of the time



Shared birthdays



President and Vice President



Academy Awards



Birthstone and birth sign