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CardWare - The Personal Touch in Corporate Communications

CardWare is a valuable asset for any businessperson who needs to stay in touch with clients in a memorable, timely, and personal way. It's a client retention tool every pro will want to have in his or her tool belt. And new in the latest version of CardWare is the Birthday Post which adds 5 colorful, eye-pleasing print templates for 8.5-by-11-inch sheets-no special paper required to make your greetings look great. CardWare offers a unique capability: the option to print inside greeting-cards . CardWare also offers desktop publishing capabilities, database editing for tailoring content, and a built-in address book for storing names and birth dates.

Greeting Samples

Best of all, you can keep the content fresh each year with the Birthday Milestone feature. This allows you to print a unique greeting each year for years to come.

CardWare makes you stand out in your clients mind as someone willing to go the extra mile for their business. The greetings are filled with fun historical facts about your clients day of birth.

Privatizing Clients Date of Birth
News of the Past Professional and CardWare, printing clients date of birth can be turned off and not print on greetings.

 CardWare information categories include:
  •      Academy Awards history
  •      Birthstone and birth sign information
  •      Cost of living then verses now comparison
  •      Chinese zodiac and description
  •      *Dow Jones Industrial Averages TM past-verses-present
  •      Greeting card greetings database
  •      Greeting card poem database
  •      News events for the day
  •      News events of the month
  •      Western zodiac and description
  •      Popular music history
  •      Shared birthdays
  •      Sports highlights for the year
  •      Scientific breakthroughs for the year
  •      President and Vice President history
  •      Entertainment history

              *Dow Jones Industrial Averages is a trademark of Down Jones

System Requirements; Pentium class-II processor or greater; 350 MHz or faster processor; Windows 98 or higher; 64 MB RAM; 100k hard drive; CD-ROM high resolution monitor with 256 colors

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