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News of the Past Professional:

The Leader in Client Birthday Software Delivers a Groundbreaking New Program

In 1987, Spectrum Unlimited LLC staked its claim as the first company to apply computer technology to the idea that people would enjoy reading about what happened on the day they were born. Spectrum created News of the Past, a simple DOS application, with that goal in mind. In the early days, most of the people who bought the software intended to sell individual birthday prints at fairs and fund-raising events.

20 years later, Spectrum Unlimited LLC is retiring the original News of the Past and replacing it with a version inspired by the majority of today’s News of the Past users—professional businesspeople. News of the Past has become an integral component of client nurturing and marketing because of the very concept behind the original program—people like reading about their own history. Today’s new version takes that concept to a new level with News of the Past Professional.

Taking Advantage of the Latest Office Technology

Spectrum has added features that take advantage of the latest advances in the Internet, business communications, and office technology. The savvy user has come to expect certain functions in software, and News of the Past Professional has them all. It now has email and PDF capabilities: You can save greetings to a PDF file or deliver them through your email client, singly or as a batch. The program also now includes label printing and additional name-list sort options.

Graphing Capabilities

Tapping into the power of Microsoft’s widely used Office applications, News of the Past Professional provides new graphing features that illustrate the always popular cost-of-living data category: a then-versus-now comparison for such items as a gallon of gas, a loaf of bread, a new auto, a new house, average income, Dow Jones, and wages. Displaying a graph beginning at the year 1900 and ending with the current year, the program places a marker on the recipient’s day of birth or whatever special date you have chosen. This display shows where you, the individual, enter the big picture in terms of inflation. This inflation indicator is just one of many new features the Professional version has to offer. It’s an ideal tool for investors, stockbrokers, banks, insurance, and other financial services companies.

Using the graphing feature, you can also create a custom graph tailored to your business. All you need to do is provide one statistic per year, and then set the colors and headings, and you have a graph designed to illustrate your industry-specific goal. For example, a retirement planner could graph the cost of health-care insurance to drive home the central question: “At this rate of inflation, will you have enough when you retire?”

27 New Print Templates

Most users have color printers these days, so we’ve included a library of 27 colorful print templates, and more will be released for download from Spectrum Unlimited’s Web site. What’s more, you can open these greeting templates in our included desktop publisher and modify their design as much as you like: remove data fields to make room for marketing text, move the graphic and data fields, replace graphics, insert customized headings, and so on.

CardWare Features

News of the Past Professional integrates the capabilities of Spectrum Unlimited’s very successful CardWare program. Using an ingenious greeting-card insert available from Spectrum Unlimited, CardWare can personalize standard greeting cards purchased from a retailer with birthday-news content. News of the Past Professional includes this functionality.

Realizing Our Goals—and Helping You Realize Yours

Spectrum Unlimited has been listening to what you, our users, really want from our software. We’ve incorporated all these features and more to deliver what you have come to expect from the leader in client birthday software.


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